Fuck 2016

To introduce myself, let me tell you about the year I had and why I am where I am now. It’s about to get personal.

January-May 12

     I turned 18 January 2nd. “I’m grown now!” – That’s the playful phrase I’ve been saying ever since that day, but I have a bit of growing up to do after what happened in 2015. Oh yeah, fuck 2015 x2! That year was doubly worse than 2016, but we won’t go that far.im-grown

     As a brief summary of what my situation is during this time, I was still a freshman in college, had a bone tumor, had surgery for that bone tumor, failed my 1st (technically 2nd since I was in the EOF program), AND the bone tumor came back. This meant I was in pain again – I can’t describe the pain I went through with that. 

     Starting the next semester, I should have guessed of what would happen. To keep it short, I failed the semester, a consecutive failed semester. Towards the end, I started to accept it, let go of pride, strategize, but it was all to avail. I promised myself to continue on improving myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as the year progressed and into next semester.

May 13-August 28

     Summertime, the time of fun and happiness that usually lasts the entire time betrayed me. I had already accepted that this year was not for me, that I can turn it around. Nope. Not yet at least. My goals were to work on myself, get a job, buy a car, and relieve myself of the staggering pain in my leg (bone tumor). You asked what did I accomplished?crying-jordan-whoodie

     One thing, I got a job. What happened to the car and working o- No. My single paycheck (started late into the summer) went to helping my mother buy a car. I’m fine with that. That’s my mom; she needs it more to provide for herself and my sisters. I spent most of my summer doing nothing simply because I was in pain. There was nothing I could do, but have surgery again….for the same thing….

August 29-December 13

I grew up. 

Are you in tears yet? No? Ok………..

After missing classes until a week after my surgery, I begun my change. Dealing with this bone tumor has struck a cord in me. For two years, that cord was gone. The cord that kept me together. I broke down, I got up, I looked ahead. My interests came back to me – reading, basketball, piano, track, blogging, strategic games like chess – it all came back the first day I went outside post-surgery. I met new people. I tried to involve myself more. I started reading again. I started training feverishly for basketball again.

So suddenly had I returned to my 16 year old state with two years of wisdom gained. My grades rose. The A’s poured in how I remembered receiving them. Sometimes I tear up when I remember that I got through it. The semester will be over in four days. I read 6 books in a few weeks. The urge to blog has been conquered. I am here. I want to write book/author reviews, blog about random things on my mind to spice it up now and then. This is me. This is my personality. My journey in blogging starts anew now. 

I’ve grown up. Thank you 2016.

5 thoughts on “Fuck 2016

  1. You have been through a very tough time.My pain is nothing in respect to yours.You are really strong.Wish you all the best 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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