My Color


Here’s a poem that I wrote about a year ago. I hope you like it! 


Yours and mine, everyone’s is different and unique;

But for some reason, the color of my skin is usually judged first.

“You don’t talk like a black girl, or act like one.”

Talking black, how do you do that? How can you speak in colors?

No I don’t talk black, I speak proper.

Apparently this way of speech is associated with “speaking white”.

Speaking proper and speaking ignorant cannot be used to define a color, race or an ethnicity.

Now how about acting black…

You mean act “ratchet” or like I have no home training, am I right?

I’ve heard statements like these, how I’m not ghetto

Because apparently if you’re black you’re automatically assumed to have been spawned from the hood.

Well I’m different.

I was raised in the suburbs from when I…

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