Natural Hair Struggles – Wash Day

The Dreaded Day Has Come

#Random Post

Yesterday was wash day. 

First of all, if you even call the day you wash your hair wash day, you must already be a veteran. 

Yesterday was also the day I moved off campus to go back home for winter break. Can you see where this is going? I HAD TO PACK AND DO ALL THIS!!!

It sucked.

Let me tell you the little routine I have to go through:

  1. Run hair through water to detangle (20 – 30 mins.)
  2. Shampoo, while detangling (15 – 20 mins.)
  3. Rinse shampoo, while detangling (20 – 30 mins.)
  4. Part hair into four sections (5 mins.)
  5. Apply deep conditioner, while detangling (15 mins.)
  6. Twist each section (20 – 30 mins.)
  7. Let conditioner seep into hair/scalp (20 mins. – 1 day )
  8. Think about life, cause this takes too long for my soul lmao
  9. Untwist hair (21 seconds)
  10. Rinse conditioner, and keep detangling (15 – 20 mins.)
  11. Section into four again 
  12. Make two twists for each section (30 mins. minimum)
  13. Put on bonnet (Yes, I’m a guy, hair gotta grow though fam)
  14. Done!

Do. You. See. This.


What is life?

Sometimes I wonder if I was meant for this natural hair life…..


First Post: Fuck 2016

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