WordPress Blog Advice?

I don’t have much to talk about today, so I thought it would be great to hear from the WordPress Community of any advice or tips you may have.

I’ve been venturing out into unknown territories for me all last week and I’d like to know what you think about that. One such dark territory is social media – I only used them for “political” means, never felt any need to put my business out there.

Now, it’s different. I just started a new Twitter (@TizzyMatic) account for the sole purposes of this blog, to interact with others, and for personal use. 

  1. Is there any social media or WordPress tips & tricks you may have for me?
  2. How does my blog look and does it function fluidly?
  3. If you’ve gone to my Twitter account, does it look like I’m on the right track?
  4. How was your day?

Any other feedback would be appreciated.

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22 thoughts on “WordPress Blog Advice?

  1. I followed you! I’m @aprildreamsblog
    I’m by no means an experienced blogger, but in my opinion I’d reorder your sidebar (i can elaborate if needed), make your titles stand out from your back ground more, & not make your about me page open in a new tab. Also, you have no clickable home page. Also, I’d make a dropdown menu with your categories, not a primary menu for each.

    Yeah, your twitter looks good.

    Add more sharing buttons, in my opinion. (I can elaborate more on any of this if needed)

    My day is going swell, thank you 🙂

    ~April McLauren

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      1. Ok, so at the bottom of your posts, there’s a thing that says Share this. You have the bare minimum right now. Do you know how to get to settings? I could do a how to post if you’d like.

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                    1. First, I don’t think many people would click your Likes on the sidebar. Tell me if I’m wrong though.
                      Second, I like how simple your dropdowns are.
                      Third, I love that you included other works into WordPress, but you have two of the same Lost Worlds.
                      Forth, your Blog Series can be put before Works In Progress.
                      Fifth, I find it creative to use pictures as links.
                      6th, having a survey for readers to give feedback may be the best thing I’ve seen on WordPress so far. More people should see that, so it should be put into the open more, or not under For You!.
                      Lastly, idk if simple is what you like best, but I would like to see a crisper design with better visuals. This was pretty long!

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    1. No matter your experience, all tips are welcome. Thank you for all the feedback and looking at my Twitter.

      Can you elaborate on on sharing buttons? Glad you’re doing good today.



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