Blogging Schedule – How do you feel about it?

This will be short and simple

I took two days off to decide what I wanted my blog to wholeheartedly stick to. After thinking over the advice Janice (Mostly Blogging) provided me with, the decision was easy. I already knew that I wouldn’t stick to normal means. (Link to Janice’s post about creating better content that will increase your audience, which helped me, will be linked below)

I don’t want to have a niche blog.

Allowing myself to conform with blogging trends and habits simply isn’t me. I’d rather have a broader audience with the same amount of interest than a single audience with the same amount of interest. Simply put, I want to multitask.

I’m not going to get personal as to why I’ve come to my decision, but if enough readers ask, I can do a separate post on that. 

Here’s my tentative schedule:

  • Monday – Book Review & Book Related Topic (2 Posts)
  • Tuesday – Tags (2-3 Posts)
  • Wednesday – Random (2-3 Posts)
  • Thursday – Random (2-3 Posts)
  • Friday – Discussion Topics (1-2 Posts)
  • Saturday – Book Related Topics (2 Posts)
  • Sunday – No Posts

Let me know what you think in the comments. I’d appreciate if you linked others to voice their views as well. Thanks for reading!

Janice’s Post: How to Create Better Blog Content That Will Bring You an Enormous Audience

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