Vampyrie: Origin of the Vampire Book Review


Author: Tina Frisco

Title: Vampyrie: Origin of the Vampire

Publish Date: December 16, 2016

Rating: Ard (See Rating System/Scale)

See the Goodreads page and Tina Frisco’s profile for more information on this Vampire story! Read more to see if I recommend, too!

My Thoughts

Greatest Weaknesses – Pacing/Procrastination

From the beginning to the end, I had a problem with the pacing of the story. It started irritably slow, then shifted back and forth towards the end.

There were too many details, which usually isn’t a bad thing; however, in this case, so much info has been giving that all the anticipation leading to the next scene is gone. At that point, I just want everything to end, or I’ll just skim through the text a bit. 

It started to get better midway in for a good stretch of time, but the slowness did come back off and on as I aforementioned. Then out of nowhere, it seemed like things were missing, or just went too fast. See gifs for reference.

slowFast action.gif

 After getting used to it, the story becomes more important than the pacing. You’ll most likely still feel annoyed though.

As for procrastination, I couldn’t stand all the characters around Phoebe (main character) not telling her anything.

Tina gave reasons why this happened – It just happened all the time! I’m screaming in my head, “How many times are they gonna hold off telling her what she should know?”. When they did tell her, it was TOO MUCH! Should’ve been told her.


Lesser Weaknesses – Language Usage/Characters

Now this is more of a personal, bias opinion. I didn’t like the writing style, or should I say, the wording Tina used.

I mean, it just isn’t anything I’ve heard where I’m from – it’s too proper. Again, this isn’t bad. It did take time to get used to with all the luv’s, Oh God’s, and the phrases characters used to make Phoebe seem unstable/immature (she’s 28 fam) like sweetie and honey all the damn time.

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be the only one bothered by how many times these phrases/words are used. There has to be people out there that literally talk like that though, so I eventually became accustomed to it.

Oh, and I didn’t mention how everyone seems to be equally smart – like how fam how?

how sway.gif

Greatest Strengths – Story/Information

I actually loved the story. I had to get the negative above out the way for what made me continue reading with suspense.

Tina Frisco is a RN – registered nurse, so she is above proficient in medicine plus she is fascinated with Vampire myths. With her interest and knowledge combine, the story turned out to be wonderfully well done with a plethora of medicinal/vampire info.

I want to give spoilers so bad, but I won’t. You can read it for yourself for free via Amazon. All I have to say is Phoebe was lowkey a beast (there wasn’t any buildup for it, but you could’ve guessed), and everyone else was tripping. 

This gif is perfect for what she did at the end. Beast!

Super Sayain.gif


The strengths completely overpowered the weaknesses to an extent. Albeit they did frustrate me, I always came back to read more. This could have definitely been ranked higher.

Having said that, I would recommend.



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    1. You’re welcome! I try to remain honest and give helpful feedback, so it’d be great if my review helped in any way.
      I’ll follow you onto whatever you write next. I have a question though, will there be a sequel? 😁

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