Coolest Concepts of 2016: Book Princess Edition

Mandy, or, the Book Princess has this interesting category called “Coolest Concepts”. If you’re wondering what that is, read a little below or click on the original post. She’s all about books and being a princess, so give her blog site a look!

You may not be able to see what it says below due to my background color being black. My apologies.

Book Princess Reviews

It’s Day Two of me counting down books! Are you excited? No? Well, um, I think that’s still okay.

Anyway, one of the other categories that I created was the delightful category of Coolest Concepts! This category is dedicated to some of the most creative and coolest worlds that people built in the books I read in 2016 (and perhaps ever in book world). Let’s count down some worlds you may want to dive into in 2017, since they were so creative…and cool. That term is about to become un-cool with how many times I’m about to say it.


And the Trees Crept In by Dawn Kurtagich

and-the-trees-crept-in Credits to Little Brown Books

This book was original, creepy, and totally creative. It was beautifully done and had one of the most unique formats that I’ve ever read. The whole infusing of a creepy legend/folklore like feeling along with scattered journal…

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