Discussion – What are your personal goals for 2017?

Now I’m not talking about New Years Resolutions – that’s corny. If there’s something you wanted to do, shouldn’t you already be making moves? So, what do you want to seriously accomplish for yourself next year?

My Goals

Mind, Body, Spirit


Blogging has become the root to all that has to do with reading and writing. I want to read at least 150 books and review at least half of them. These numbers would be low for me, but I have to try and be more realistic than what I really want. 


I do exercise, not as faithfully as I was and as I should, but that will change. What I can’t control is the biggest part of making gains, nutrition. My campus doesn’t have the variety that I would need to supplement myself properly, thus I can only make slow, steady gains, smh.


I enjoyed doing yoga when I did it and I want to make it into a habit in my morning routine. Wake up, yoga, exercise, start the day, etc..


I swear I’m the most consistent inconsistent sleeper. I can wake up at 6:45-7 AM for a week then start sleeping late, waking up at 1 PM. Bruh. The goal is to wake up at 6:45 AM then gradually make my way towards 4:30 AM. No earlier than that!


Training, Training, Training

The dedication has to be beyond real when it comes to training for basketball. That’s my future. Need I say more?



Dean’s List. BOOM! That’s all I have for school……

I have many more goals, but I’ll stop here. Let’s hear yours!

P.S. – No gifs or pictures. How boring!


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24 thoughts on “Discussion – What are your personal goals for 2017?

  1. This sounds bad, but I feel like I’m really on track with all my goals…except eating less. Not eating better, but less. I am in excellent health, but I’m a full on gorger! I love food. But eating a ton at one time doesn’t love me…Thanks for the motivation! Also I love the way you broke down your goals – great article!


  2. Great goals – always great to start a new year knowing what you want to achieve, which is exactly what I’ve done! I’m a newbie blogger with one aim in mind – check out my first blog which reveals all 🙂 !

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      1. I would be the same. I am curled up in my blanket like a cocoon in the morning. The room needs to be just as warm and coffee needs to be already brewing if I was to wake up.


    1. The best way to “force” yourself in a way would be to give yourself a punishment. Say you didn’t stick to exercising 3 days out of the week, now for 2 weeks you can’t eat your favorite foods.
      Think that’ll suit you?

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