Discussion – What do you think about the lack of diversity in books?

Not only do I want to talk about diversity, but also the progress.

I plan to read more diverse books since the only one I’ve truly ever read was the recently published, The Blazing Star by Imani Josey.

What do I think?


Well, we have people who think race causes issues and can be problematic, then we have others who claim there isn’t a problem when there clearly is. For this and other unmentioned reasons, novels have norms and standards that many authors think carefully about.

Some authors really don’t give af, lol. They do what they will and nothing will stop them. Kudos!


Take children’s book for example, which is a cornerstone to shape how and what they might read later on in life.


I said how authors, especially POC, are starting to not care as much, and that is the progress to me. 

Usually, when people stop caring about the normal ways of doing something, they do whatever they want, right? That’s exactly what I’ve come to see happening.

These posts are meant to be short. I want to hear what you, the WordPress community thinks and talk about it. Your thoughts are meaningful as it helps to give others a standpoint that may be unseen. Let’s talk!

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