Life Update: Beyond Crazy RN – 1/18/2018


It’s been 12 days……12 DAYS since I’ve posted anything. I decided to give an update on what’s been going on, cause it’s been crazy. So crazy that I haven’t even been reading (I do have two book reviews ready though).

I’ll try to go in order of what’s happened since. 

  1. The university I’m in took away my financial aid. I’ve gotten it back, but I’m still missing a big chunk.
  2. Stressing over the bill I mentioned above
  3. Legal issue that’s turning worse everyday 
  4. Moved back in my dorm room, which was hectic because of #3
  5. #3 has gotten worse literally just now


This all happened in 12 days

Back on Track

Book reviews for Final Girls by Riley Sager and The Gender Game by Bella Forest are coming up tomorrow. After that, I’ll try to stick to my blogging schedule. I think I’ll make these life updates a part of the schedule, too. Maybe, maybe not.

Feel free to comment below if you’d like!

On to the next day!

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