Final Girls By Riley Sager – Book Review


Author: Riley Sager

Title: Final Girls

Publication Date: July 11, 2017

Rating: Bruh (See Rating System/Scale)

See the Goodreads Synopsis to understand a bit about this mystery-thriller novel and my thoughts below! Let’s get into the review.

 My Thoughts

I honestly didn’t find any real weaknesses, which is a beautiful thing! 

Greatest StrengthAbility to throw off predictions

Being that I’m one of those people that are able to predict things with enough information, I figured the answer to the murders would eventually sprout.

Nope. That wasn’t the case.


It threw me off about 6 times……6 times, bruh. Usually I’d get frustrated at that the pacing of the story and the story itself, especially at the end, made me more eager.

Most readers are the same when it comes to eagerness when reading. Somehow, that book will get finished in that session, lol.

Reading fast.gif


Lesser StrengthsStory/Pacing

At first, I thought the pacing was pretty slow. Then I realized the pacing is slow.

You wouldn’t realize it unless you only read a bit at a time. Reading more at time is where the speed of the story shines. 

The pacing draws you into the story which keeps you reading even more. Combined with that and the brilliant murder mystery/self-conflict story illustrated by Riley, it was a book I’d call and No-Put-Down. 

No need to put the book down, just keep reading, lol. Let it engulf you into the main characters life and what goes on with her.

Reading fast 2.gif


This is my first 5 star rating and Riley Sager completely deserves the rating.

I would without hesitation recommend this novel!


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