Thursday’s Thoughts: Socioeconomic Status & The Book (Blogging) Community

Breeny from Breeny’s Books delved into a topic that is quite prevalent in the book blogging community. Some people have the financial stability to participate in bookish activities: hauls, conventions, other events, arcs, purchasing books in general. I’m one that doesn’t have the position to do all those, so I understand and see it from a different angle.

Check out Breeny’s thoughts below and click the link for more!

Breeny's Books

Thursday's Thoughts


Hello, everyone! I’m back with another Thursday Thoughts. My first one was a hit and created such lovely discussion, so I’m hoping that this post does the same. Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on a subject that’s very important to me and that I feel is often times overlooked: socioeconomic status within the book community. I’ve been wanting to do a post on this topic for a while, but was somewhat worried about the reaction I’d get. So I created a poll on Twitter asking what you all would like to see for this month’s discussion post and no one choose this topic at first (by the time the poll closed 24hours later, one person did). That was the first sign. Then I saw a tweet from one of my friends, Rommie, about how she was working on a post with a similar topic. Not only was…

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