Why YA Needs to Portray Healthy Relationships

I think the title speaks for itself. Anushka speaks on an issue that I have to agree with. Young adult titles seem to be in a stagnant position currently, with diversity being one aspect of it improving. That is my thought on why relationships aren’t as loving as they could or should be in a lot of YA novels.

Take a look Anushka’s perspective if you’re interested.

Going Through Books

Today is time for another discussion =D

I’m about to write about the importance of portraying healthy relationships in YA. The reason why I’m writing about YA, is because I feel the lack of healthy relationships in YA, much more than in the adult genre. Sure, sometimes adult books mess up too and portray something unhealthy or incorrectly, but I feel that to be a common occurrence in young adult books. So here is my discussion!

Familial Relationships

YA disturbingly lacks the portrayal of healthy, regular familial relationships, in its quest to write about broken, sad, or desolate family lives. I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve picked up a YA book and it turns out that the family is broken or their is no family life of the characters. Of course, I’m in no way belittling people who actually have such families, but I would 

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