Discussion: Long, Descriptive Books vs Short, Simple Books

I just finished Nick Cutter’s horror novel, Little Heaven. It was amazing. Expected this to be dropped fairly early into reading, but it slapped me and caught my utmost attention instead.

Slap to get attention.gif

Safe to say this is a book I’ll always remember, but this isn’t a book review. One thing made me rate this lower than what I wanted to rate it from beginning to end, the long explanations.

Now, i’m one to always ask for explanations no matter how long it is. If it interests me, I need it explained. When reading this book, how descriptive it was had me excited. Until the near ending, I had no problem with that.

By time I got about 2 parts, not chapters, but parts from the ending, I couldn’t stand it anymore. It felt like it was in the way of a better progression. Sometimes you don’t need to explain, just sum it up.

Let me explain.gif

My question is, would you rather read a book with more explaining or short and sweet? Does it depend on anything? 



2 thoughts on “Discussion: Long, Descriptive Books vs Short, Simple Books

  1. I personally will almost always be more impressed by an author who can blow my mind within 200 pages than one who can keep me mildly interested for 500. As far as lengthy descriptions, if you’re using it to the advantage of strong world building then I appreciate it. If you succeed at creating suspense through long descriptions of action I will also appreciate it. Otherwise, it can get kind of annoying

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