Rant: Never Go On Hiatus!

This will be quick. 

I want my future self to come back to this post and rethink whatever decision I have made that causes me to stop blogging for a long period of time (months). I left in January 2017; came back and everyone I knew blew up. 

I need answers! What happened during this time?!?!

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Weekly Reflections and Shoutouts

I figured it would be neat to look back on what and how I did during the week as well as give some shine to other bloggers/authors. 

Why weekly and not monthly? Memory is a fickle thing with me. Some say you choose what you want to remember, but who makes those decisions? Your brain. Can’t control it sometimes, and memory is something out of my league.

I want to do this on a more personal level. I assume it would help to get to know me. Let’s get into it.

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