{DISCUSSION} Movie Adaptations

Written By: Melanie (mnbernardbooks)

Should books be adapted into film?

Wow. I can’t honestly believe it’s taken me over a YEAR to actually have this discussion, especially considering it’s such a vehement topic among readers (and God knows among me and anyone within my unfortunate proximity.) But better late than never, right? 😀

So, let’s get into it.

Movie adaptations SUCK!
Absolutely, completely, unfortunately.

But why? How can a story you love so much be so brutally destroyed in less than 2 hours? Well… a lot of reasons! And I think I should tell you ALLLLLL about them. 😈

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Promoting Young Authors – Evan John #Swansea

Gotta give an aspiring, young author some love y’all!!!

Hugh's Views & News  

Evan John is 13 years old and lives a few doors away from me with his family. Earlier this year, Evan asked me to read some of the short stories he’d written. I was so impressed with them that I asked him to write one which I could publish on my blog. Evan is looking for feedback on his story and writing, so please do leave him some.

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The Final Day Of Hell

It took me a year as it spread like a wild fire in a forest. I was the only one left. Everything was destroyed within hours. I couldn’t leave, I was trapped. I didn’t mean for it to happen, I was just trying to help. I was trying to save him. I still don’t know what went wrong but all I knew at the time was that I had to find a cure, and fast.

As I ran…

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We’re Back, The Votes Are Open…. #kdsuspense #amwriting

If you enjoy short stories and want to help authors choose what topic/line to write on, check out this post with authors, Kim Knight and Didi Oviatt.

Author, Kim Knight

Didi is kicking off this week’s voting prompts! The theme is “I’m back”because we’re back. New followers join in the fun:

This is How We Roll:

We never discuss beforehand how a story should go or who writes what. It’s a surprise for each other to see how their story ends, or what lands in their inbox to finish off.

This interactive writing challenge is simple and insanely creative. It’s a group effort and we are so glad to have you join in the writing fun!!  I hope you’re ready to challenge us by choosing which prompts we can transform into stellar suspense!  Give us your best shot!  You vote on our weekly prompt, and we provide the entertainment. It’s that simple!  The super easy steps are as follows:

STEP ONE: Every Wednesday we’ll post a voting poll with a few prompts to choose from.
STEP TWO: With the click…

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