Weekly Reflections and Shoutouts #2

Just skip below to the reflection if you don’t want to cringe at this nonsense I created.

Hey! You! Come here! Listen…..I need some help……you got any cinnamon rolls on you? Ritz? Please, I haven’t had them in a while! Buy them? With what money, hmmm? That’s why I’m asking you.

You can ship them to me. I live in New Jersey, US. That’s all you need to know. It doesn’t matter what city you ship them to, I’ll find them. Trust me. Thanks for the cinammon rolls and ritz in advance! 

That’s my synopsis for my book that’s coming out whenever J.K. Rowling continues the Harry Potter series with clones of the exact same characters. So basically never..ummm I’m being extremely random right now.

Never mind.gif

Moving along into what I’m supposed to be doing; this week was full of lessons. Let’s see if I can remember them.


My first weekly reflections and shoutouts was posted. Had fun making that cause I forgot what I did that week like I do every week. No, I don’t need to see a doctor. My memory just likes to play games, you know?

You know.gif

I also posted a rant on the hiatus I participated in….. and won, that’s how long it was. It was personal, emotional in a way, and I had to give off some compliments to those that rose in the ranks during  my hiatus. Never go on hiatus y’all!


Two book reviews. I don’t know why two on the same day, but fluff it. What’s done is done.

I reviewed Kim Knight and Didi Oviatt’s The Suspenseful Collection: Volume One (short stories, 4.25 stars) and Nick Cutter’s Little Heaven (4.5 stars). I do have to admit that I didn’t touch I why it was rated 4.5 stars enough. Might go back and fix that.


That list of my favorite childhood books was so emotional. I don’t even know if anyone caught that. Broke my heart to see how books changed a lot of things for me and I didn’t realize until I wrote that post.

My not still sad or tearing up now, not at all. 

I'm not crying you're crying.gif

I got all the sadness out with the fun book tag I did later that day. 


I was awarded the Sunshine Blogger Award, which I found out started in March I think. People must be pretty late doing those posts for it to come back around or…..the post time traveled. You never know…never know.

You will never know.gif


Lord, I almost went on a reblogging rampage. I like to reblog, okay. It helps others so much, so I keep doing it over and over and over


Then the next day comes and I do it one more time, lmao. 

Oh my god I need help.gif


Apparently I skipped Saturday. Smh.


Today, or really yesterday, were the main lesson days. To keep it short, I haven’t been following my dream. That’s never good. I had to get all my willpower back to get back into it, which I did today. 

I almost fell into a blogging slump, too. Don’t know why it says Saturday had no post even though I posted my rant on if book blogging had any restrictions. With that post, I now know that I will be branching out with my blog site.

It’ll be more of  a books, fitness, basketball, occasional hair blog. Still seems like a lot because I haven’t made a plan or anything yet, but it’s coming. I thought about creating a separate blog for those, but I’d rather have the people on this site be with me along the way, too.

Not just books anymore; it’s life.

Now onto some notable people:

These are just people I interacted with that I need to shoutout. Sorry if I forget people!

Alexandria @duckiesbooknook – See said ain’t nobody got time for f*ckboys/girls. Had me rolling

Danny Ray @dreambigdreamoften – He really be opening my eyes to things. Especially when he asked if there were any foods besides blueberries that are naturally blue, lol.

Angela @eggreader – Yo, she had the most epic, anger driven review on Lord of Shadows. Hilarious. Cassandra Clare is either hated or loved, really no middle in there.

James @thisismytruthnow – You know when you can tell someone is killing the game and you don’t even know how or why? James is killing the game. I just know it.

Lia @lostinstory – She doesn’t know if she really, really likes mangoes. Smh

May @Forever and Everly – MANGOOOOOEEEESSSS!!!! #mangolover #mangoislovemangoislife

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