In My Twenties

There are many people who do not care for their own well-being. My mom is like that with her family, especially my sisters and I. I tell her all the time to spend money and time on herself all the time, but she doesn’t hear the message. 

Faye is spreading a message with her own observations with self-care (hope I’m using the right words here for your post Faye)

If you need some inspiration, motivation, feel like you deal with the issue of not caring for yourself enough, please take a look at Faye’s post.

Wish her a happy birthday as well y’all!

Culture Eighteen.

It’s my 20th birthday today. And my twenties are going to be my selfish years.

Not out of spite/resentment, but as a form of self-affirmation.

The way I see it, these few years ahead are crucial. Theyare mine to mould, craft and shape in whatever direction I see fit. Personally and professionally. To choose me before others. Unapologetically. To use what I’ve previously learnt, through trials and tribulations of my teenage self, and manipulate those lessons to drive me forward. To not look at a mistake and see failure but to recognise the opportunity for growth and improvement. To live and let live.

To choose me before others, again.

Unapologetically. Honestly. Sympathetically.

I’m learning to follow my own intuition, and two decades later the greatest lesson I’ve learnt from the path I’vewalked is the importance of self-care. To selfishly put myself first. And to ownthe confidence/apprehension/vulnerability that accompanies it.


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