The Truth Is I Haven’t Always Been So Positive

Sometimes I look back and reflect on some of the things I’ve done. All the time I had that could have went to my dream or something else was wasted.

I didn’t want to change into something better than myself to get where I wanted.

I might’ve thought about changing, but change can’t come from just your thoughts – You have to want it. Be true with yourself and it’ll come out as something beneficial to you.

You have to want it AND follow-up on that. Good luck if you’re trying to change!

Dream Big, Dream Often

DannyAbout once per week I’ll get an email asking me how I maintain such a positive attitude. And I get enough of these emails to make me believe people view me as being a positive person, although, I don’t view myself as a positive person.  The truth is I haven’t always been so positive.

In 2007 I began working for Dick’s Sporting Goods as a PGA Professional.  My job was to manage the golf shop staff, keep the shop stocked with the appropriate types of merchandise, inventory and maintain customer service levels.  For anyone who has worked retail, this short story should register with you.

I worked that job and dealt with customers throughout the store; there were good days and there were really bad days.  And as the years moved forward the really bad days began to outnumber the good days 10 to 1.  Customers in retail are vicious…

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Beyond The Surface Book Club: A Talk About Suicide and Depression

It’s always important to discuss mental health. 

Naturally, it can be a very touch subject, but so many people go through mental issues. If we didn’t talk about it, how would we be able to help everyone?

Especially for those who don’t seek help on their own, they have support right here if they stumble upon this. 

The Book Raven

*trigger warning for suicide and depression*

Our first book of the month: My Heart and Other Black Holes, is centered around probably one of the most hard-hitting topics in mental health: suicide. This topic is an ugly one, but also a very important one to discuss.

Here is a deeply personal story of my connection to this topic.

Deep breaths….

I had an Uncle in my family.. let’s call him Uncle J. This uncle, he had problems with alcohol, probably was part of his depression, but he never discussed that with anyone as far as I know. The most important part of his character for me however, was that he was always a great father for his kids. I never once saw him happier then when they were in his life, but then again a lot of things in his life hit him a bit too hard.

In the end…

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The Gift of Self-Acceptance

I preach self-worth all the time. 

You gotta love yaself before you love somebody else!!

  – Mary J Blige

Nothing, but the truth right there!

Niki Meadows

One of the most important things I learned during my journey of self-discovery and healing was to accept myself. Somewhere along the journey of my life, I started to see the flaws in myself and that was all I was able to see. From looking in the mirror to looking within, all I saw was what was wrong.

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