Discussion – How Do You Interact and Network?

The title is pretty self-explanatory right? 

This is gonna be super short. I’d rather hear y’all thoughts/opinions/preferences/way of life than write an entire post that I’m already late on cause I don’t plan things out which stresses me, so I need to get it together……

Get your shit together Carol.gif

*LMAO y’all see her smiling when she runs. Hilarious*

Ard, so here’s how I interact:


Well, duh, but commenting is an art you see *sips wine*. You cannot simply write a comment, you have to finesse ze comment section. Bless it with your oh so fascinating opinion *sips wine again* (glass still completely full for no reason).

Baby sips wine.gif

Lol, but seriously, my way of commenting is to find something that intrigued me, then comment. Simple as that. 

If you don’t get a comment by me…..I’m sorry?don’t know if I should apologize for that, but moving along.

Find Other Bloggers

Self-explanatory. Moving along


Community Pool

Bruh, I have to take a day to do nothing (nothing else on WP that is), but find and help people on the community pool. Cause why not, right? I don’t ask for them to check me out or anything, just help them. They’ll look at a brotha site if they want to. But they should anyway.

Meet and Greet

Self explanatory, but may I refer you to brethem Daniel Ray @dreambigdreamoften

I need some recommendations on this joint, too. Hit me with some y’all.


Gotta get yaself out there somehow. That’s the only form of social media I “actively” use though. Actively meaning I actually post something instead of stalking looking at other people’s stuff. 

Actually, I deleted anything social media related a while ago, so now that I’m on there and using it for something, I see the benefits. It’s cool I guess

Still socially awkward though. A lot of people say I’m not. Who really knows, am I right?

I know, I know. I forgot a bunch of stuff. That’s what happens when you don’t plan out what you write and try to figure it out as you write, which stresses me out, so I really need to get myself together…..

Get your shit together girl.gif

*Girl on the right lowkey hurting over there*

So, comment on my post right now let’s interact. Tell me how you do things around WordPress.


P.S. – The featured image has nothing to do with anything. I just remembered that commercial and used it. 


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