Rant: So I Got In A Car Accident

This is just something to look back on for memory purposes.

Always trust your intuition when it tells you not to do something. I told y’all how I always have lucid dreams and the majority of them usually happen. I had a dream about getting in a car accident then had multiple feelings that told me not to leave. I left anyway.

It was pretty unavoidable. Felt like I couldn’t gather any power to move my body to stop the car. You may not believe in stuff like that, but when I tell you it happened because of my glasses (which I rarely wear), it was that simple. Glasses fell off, they were literally stuck in my line of sight -couldn’t move my hands to put them on for the life of me.

Like I said, it was meant to happen. And I’m not even into religion, so that should tell you something.

Always, always listen to yourself when it tells you something bad might happen.

I’m just really upset this happened so close to school. I have to pay everyone back plus fix the car plus get my stuff for school. My sisters might get their school stuff really late, too. That’s all money I have no way of getting. Sucks but life goes on.

I just needed to vent real quick.

29 thoughts on “Rant: So I Got In A Car Accident

  1. Your so right about this you have to trust in your feelings especially when it tells you not to do something I’m happy you are ok! I try to always stay tuned in with my inner feelings it’s a powerful thing! Great post!

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    1. Time and time again, I don’t listen to my gut feeling even though they’re usually right. I’m always trying to listen now, too, instead of brushing it off if I think it won’t happen. Thanks for your concern.

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      1. You will be fine it happens to all of us sometimes. Gut feelings don’t lie but sometimes we just don’t want to go with how we feel because we got other plans lol we are all a work in progress I need to do better at listening to mine too though…Your welcome!

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    1. Thanks for your concern. I always wondered if it was ok to like something bad someone went through. I can never really reach a decision with that. It took a car crash for me to realize some things in life, so sometimes I think it was needed. Not saying I want to crash or others to cause it’s not good at all, but some things feel like it has to happen in life if that makes sense. And your comment was in the spam folder for whatever reason.

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      1. I think it depends on the person and situation. I usually try to not hit it if it is a sad post or a post about something bad that happened. I guess sometimes it takes something like that to make you see things more clearly. Where is the spam folder?

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        1. Yeah you’re right. I’ll take note of that. Just realized what I did this summer could’ve helped in that situation. And it took a damn car crash to realize that. I’m still frustrated, but I’m not stressing. I only see the folder on the mobile app under comments. I was surprised to see how many comments ended up in there for no reason.

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            1. Nope, I’m telling you, it’s like it was supposed to happen. Made sure it wasn’t bad enough that we had to call the cops (where we live, we don’t call the cops) and that I wouldn’t get in trouble. Hard to explain stuff like that.

              Right 😂. Mad random comments I didn’t know about until I found that folder.

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              1. Well, it makes sense if neither party was injured and neither party wants to press charges or pursue the other for monies for damages. Sometimes its better to let it go. It does sound like something that was meant to happen.

                Oh, those comments! Like, who makes fake WordPress accounts just for click-bait??

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                1. Yup, funny part is, two cops came all late and did absolutely nothing. We all just got in our cars and left. I found that the highlight of that situation. I knew cops didn’t do much here, but I thought they would intervene or say a few words, something.

                  They gotta do what they gotta do I guess. I try clicking em just to see if they go somewhere and they almost never do.

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                    1. Not really, we only left and made an agreement quickly so they wouldn’t start asking questions. Didn’t look like they were gonna say anything anyway from the looks of it though.

                      Do you have adblock installed? If not, I highly recommend that.

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                    2. Well, I hate they didn’t seem like they were much help, but I am glad everything worked out and no one was hurt!

                      I do , but I am always paranoid about clicking on things. I had someone try to open a credit card in my name last year and we have no idea how they got the information they did.

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                    3. Yeah, I would try to be careful still, even with adblock and a virus scanner. Pay attention to your Facebook too. If you start looking at things on the web you will notice Facebook will start posting ads for what you look at. I don’t know how its legal for them to watch what you do in your browser, but they do it.

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