Belle’s Bookish Tales || Do Trigger Warnings Hurt Literature?

Something I’ve been wondering about for a while is if trigger warnings are actually necessary.

I didn’t think so and still don’t like them since I think of it as a spoiler, but Belle had an outlook I didn’t even think about.

Check it out.

Camillea Reads

Trigger Warning and Books

Reading a book is a subjective experience. Authors write not only because they have a story to tell but also to evoke emotions and stir conversations. Some books change people’s thoughts and behaviors while some leave us puzzled. It’s no secret that a seemingly harmless bundle of pages has the power to twist emotions into tangles.

So when the request for books to come with trigger warnings was made, a burst of conversations condemning the very thought followed.

Aye, but it is a blasphemous thing to do to literary art, is it not?

To whittle heralded books to mere plot points; to highlight the ugliness of the novel removes attention from its humbling narrative; no, no, trigger warnings blanket our already coddled generation. Tough love, aye?

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“Trigger warning”.

The very term sounds ominous, very 1984-esque. It sounds like the first step to literature’s doomsday; next thing you know, we’ll…

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