How do you effectively schedule posts?

Looking for some help here y’all.

I need help y’all.

I haven’t been consistent with posting lately and I know it’s cause I’m at the point where I need to schedule stuff.

Does anyone have any tips on how to be efficient and effect with scheduling posts?

12 thoughts on “How do you effectively schedule posts?

  1. That’s actually pretty sound. I see how you go about it. I’ve been trying to use your advice about taking note of what I want in the post beforehand (even though I forgot to reply to you, sorry). Instead of writing, I do it mentally, unless I think I’ll forget, then I write it. Thanks for helping me.


  2. Will it tag me odd if I say I don’t decide days of for what to post on what days? It never works that way for me. Mostly I be prepared for review. I note down points along with book m reading so that at the end I just need to structure it properly and as soon as I am done with that I post it.
    Awards/tags I write whenever I feel free so when I have free day, that is- no reviews, blitz or reveal, I will post it. Rest of things like blitz, cover and interviews. They are are kinda ready to post things.

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  3. I think it helps to plan what days of the week you want to post certain content. I recently decided to post tags on Mondays, reviews or interviews T-Th, and awards on Fridays. This helped me because I have a lot of tags and awards to post on, so once those are scheduled, I can schedule books reviews as I go. I am now ahead for a week and a half. So maybe try to decided what types of posts you want on which days and go from there. 🙂

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    1. I think that’s best too. I say a book review will be on Monday but never what book. From now on, I’ll make it more specific. I should try to get ahead too, especially with school coming up. Thanks for the advice.

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  4. Hello! I think it’s good to plan ahead on what you would like to post and then when you have the time, write them out and schedule them throughout the week. If I have time, I usually like to write two post in one sitting. I would definitely recommend maybe monitoring what a regular week looks like for you, then checking at what times you have the most free time to “pencil in” scheduling blog post.

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