52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge – Week 1


Week 1 – Why Start This Challenge

For years I’ve been trying to figure out the concept of gratitude. 

Why do we need to be grateful? Who made the idea of being grateful? How far does being grateful stretch? 

There are questions in this world that don’t have answers yet, but you can make up your own theories, assumptions, ideas, beliefs, rada rada rada (I miss that show) – you know what I mean. 

I’m starting this challenge to see if I can make up my own answers to the meaning of gratitude (first time ever doing a challenge since 2012 ha – I’m not with the times). 

Some people call me an asshole, some say I’m cold – I know for sure that I’m numb to a lot of things in the world. Being raised in the hood with everyone on Section 8 and Welfare, stuck without much of a way to get out, you see and hear things that could either terrify you, hurt you mentally, and force you to accept that this is your life.

I’m not one of those. Someone got shot, I can care less. Happens all the time. Drivebys, I can care less. Happens all the time. That translated into the outside world for me, too. Political issues, I can care less. We’re gonna fight over things anyway, so I’m not gonna care to see it happen when I see fighting all the time. 

I’m numb to everything bad. With this challenge, I want to see if that changes over the course of a year along with finding my own definition of gratitude.


*I first saw this from Laura Beth @hotshotheadlines*

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