Why You Should Read Pills by Jack Binding

My expectations going into reading these short stories were considerably wrong.

I thought it was gonna be regular short stories *I don’t even know what regular short stories are*. I highly underestimated the entire collection.

Pills by Jack Binding.jpg

Author: Jack Binding

Genres: Dark Horror, Humor

Print Length: 240 pages

Release Date: June 13, 2017

Rating: Bruh (See Rating System/Scale)

Not to be taken lightly

Jack Binding’s Pills splices gritty realism with surreal imagery and otherworldly dread.

From the vicious high fashion horror of FMM (The Devils Wears Prada via Bret Easton Ellis-esque debauchery) to the stark, unsettling heartbreak of Sleeping Pills, Binding takes the reader on a journey through the secret parts of London that few people ever visit.

Influenced by writers such as Stephen King, Martin Amis and JG Ballard, there’s Cronenberg-inspired body horror, creepy kids (and their creepier parents), death, love (often unrequited), seedy massage parlours and late nights fuelled with lust and narcotics.

With overarching themes and characters, the 18 short stories in Pills can be read either as a whole enjoyed as stand-alone tales.


Adults over 21 years old take one Pill with alcohol. If necessary, consume the entire packet at once.
Not recommended for children.

Possible side-effects include:



The consumption of Pills should never result in boredom. If this occurs, please contact the manufacturer as soon as possible.

Feedback from the clinical trials for Pills has been strong:

“Wry, strong, cynical”

“Binding has a way with words that fills the reader with a growing sense of dread and fear for the narrator”

“Jack seems to take his observations from life and serve them to you with some sharp edge”

“Horrifying … too good not to read”

“Perfect balance in between real and otherworldly”

“Dark. Bleak. Grim … Binding has a writing style I can easily associate with, an imagination to match”

“The writing reminds me a bit of Clive Barker as he starts a story you think you know is unfolding, and then it spills out, unvarnished and splintery against your skin and senses”

“One part Stephen King one part Twilight Zone”

“Freaky and somehow hilarious”

“Utterly compelling”

“Debauched and nasty”

– Long Goodreads Synopsis


So to make sure everyone knows about the trigger warnings, if you don’t want to read anything dark, then this might not be for you. ‘Dark’ explains it all.

I told y’all how I underestimated these short stories. I did, but I can explain. See what had happened was, this is only my second time reading a short story anthology. How was I supposed to know it could be as good as it is? I can’t. From now on, I’ll look at short stories with the respect they deserve. 

I ain't gon say it no more.jpg

*Put some respect on my name #classic* 

Onto the actual review…

Reasons why you should read this:




*Connection of stories

I assume you’re wondering why or how dark it is – well, there’s death, drugs, sex, mental disorders *if you can call it that*, murder, cursing, etc etc. Then there’s humor within all that, which can be much needed with how dark it gets.

Just wasn’t ready for what was going down; the humor kept a brotha going. That’s not even the real kicker. The twists y’all – they’re on another level. Realizing about 3 or 4 stories in that each one contained a twist, I tried to guess what would happen toward every ending.

I failed.

That’s okay though. It’s more tricky than you think, but I did get 2……..I know that 2/18……I know *sadness*.

Naturally, you have to wrap it up some kind of way, right? As I said, the stories are connected. Personally, I couldn’t find all the connections *cause I’m slow like that sometimes*. Characters pop up in stories that weren’t their own, and you can tell it’s the same world. That’s as far as I’ve gotten *smh*. I stayed up to finish that, okay? I have my reason for being a little touched and slow at times, jeez.

Although they are connected, you can read them separately. Pretty cool feature if I do say so myself *sips wine*.

The only reason that I think would stray others away is how dark it is. That can be a pro and a con. People are hard to please, and a lot of people don’t want to see or read anything that has to do with the bad of the world.

To each their own.


Short stories, short review – see what I did there? Yes, I did it on purpose y’all, don’t judge me. 

I do highly recommend this if you like dark stories. I think the stories are great on their own anyway.

What’s your take on dark books/stories? Do they deserve a trigger warning or should they be left alone?

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