Most Anticipated MG/YA Releases of September and October (Reblog)

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So September and October are a gift because there are so many great kidlit titles coming out from authors of color. Here’s a [far from exhaustive] list of ones I’ve had on my radar! I’ve had the privilege of reading many of these already (16 out…

Basically my anticipated reads list 🙂


So September and October are a gift because there are so many great kidlit titles coming out from authors of color. Here’s a [far from exhaustive] list of ones I’ve had on my radar! I’ve had the privilege of reading many of these already (16 out of 24, which is 2/3), and I can tell you that they are amazing. 🙂

They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera (Sep. 5th) – Young Adult, SFF, Gay Puerto Rican (#ownvoices) and Bisexual Cuban American MCs, M/M romance

  • 2 boys who are going to die meet and bond over the course of about 24 hours

You Bring the Distant Near by Mitali Perkins (Sep. 12th) – Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Indian/Bengali American MCs (#ownvoices), Biracial Black/Bengali MC

  • 5 women spanning 3 generations of a Bengali family in the U.S. negotiate their multicultural identities

Shadowhouse Fall (Shadowshaper #2) by Daniel Jose Older…

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Why You Should Read God is a Women by Michael Tavon

Another story I can relate to. The question below says it all.

Is God a woman or are women God?

God is a Women by Michael TavonAuthor: Michael Tavon 

Genre: Contemporary

Page Length: 156 pages

Format: Ebook

Publish Date: December 25, 2016

Rating: Well Damn (See Rating System/Scale)

From growing up in an abusive household to becoming a dejected adult, Price Jones found himself drowning in a sea of alcohol and one night stands, to fill the void of loneliness. The suicidal novelist is yearning for love more than ever before. His spiraling love life comes to a halt when an old flame saves his life.

This is a story about how the support of a strong woman can help a man restore confidence, improve his lifestyle, and mental well being. God is a Woman.



A man, Price, is pretty down in life *understatement* and the only person that picks him up is a strong woman. Simplified synopsis pretty much, but it’s deeper than that, especially for me.

A tale of someone going through so much at one time only to continuously fall until one person comes along, that’s actual life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that scenario. Matter of fact, I damn near fell off the deep end a few years ago *another story for another time*


At first, there seemed to be no end goal. Price was just going about life in the most depressive states I’ve read thus far. I’m thinking, “Is this the only thing that’ll keep happening or what?”. There was no need for the question because I didn’t get it from the beginning.

It hit me when *not a spoiler* he saw his dad, whom left a long time ago and never saw again, on the bus. Now, if I didn’t grow up in the hood where this is prevalent to a lot of households including mine, I wouldn’t have understood the premise of the book that quickly. 

This is a man, not only living a nightmare that’s not ending, who is going from down to up, weak to strong, sad to happy. Don’t forget he’s a failed author, too. That can be heavy to deal with.

Character – Price

Price is a hopeless lover. He loves hard and it hurts him in the end every time – another reason for his lack of happiness.

A raw take on someone that has this happen to them very often, Michael Tavon developed Price into what I would call an addict: sex and cigarettes, they are the things that keep him sane *not really*. No matter what though, you can tell how highly he values and appreciates women. The people that hurt him most are the people that he loves the most. 

Think about that.

On top of that, his writing career is in the dumps. It just keeps going….

My Bias Opinion

Not only is my dad not in my life *bastard…..or well I guess I’m the bastard*, I was raised by all women. You see where this is going?

I had two male younger cousins, but they weren’t immediate family so I  was deemed “the only and first boy since 1979”. They raised me to be strong, which I am, and I’ve seen all that women go through on a daily basis, day in day out. It’s hard. That’s why I’ve always respected women way more than men. My girlfriend plays around and calls me sexist, but that’s pretty much true in a way due to how I don’t view men as good of a light as women *even though I’m a boy*

This is basically Price, but more. That’s why it clicked so fast for me; I can relate in a lot of ways. From what’s going on in the neighborhood to how he feels *not all his feels*, I can completely relate. 

That didn’t tip the rating or anything though. Gotta keep it honest and unbiased.

Main Takeaway

Don’t let the title mislead you. This is not about actual God as a woman.

Instead, it’s about women as God. I’ll let that sit.


Another realistic story I’ve read down in the books, that’s three in a row now that didn’t happen on purpose. 

This book can help those who are down to read someone who is falling, maybe more than you, maybe not, and that person got back up. It can definitely be used as inspiration and motivation to continue on with what you want to do.

I recommend to those that want to read a good story and those who want to gain knowledge or help from the story. 

Black Goddess

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review…..but I added some bias in there :-)*