The 50 Bookish Questions Tag

I’m just doing tags that I’m not tagged in anymore, lol. 

First seen by Sarah @thelittlecontemporarycorner, I’m just gonna usesteal, borrow the questions she answered. Cool? I hope so. 

Imma gon head and get into it.

*What was the last book you read?

Guessing read means finished – that would be God is a Woman by Michael Tavon

*Was it a good one?

Yeah, it was good enough that I wrote a bias and unbiased review here.

*What made it good?

I was able to deeply relate. It hit me harder than expected.

*Would you recommend it to other people?


*How often do you read?

Usually everyday, but I’ve been in a mini rut. Getting back into it today though, hopefully.

*Do you like to read?

Like a TV in your head.gif

Nah, I don’t……I’m just reading a lot of books and reviewing them for the sole sake of others, not myself y’all. Smh, moving along….

*What was the last bad book you read?

I wouldn’t call it a bad book, but Difficult Women by Roxane Gay made me DNF quickly. I’m gonna try to read it again soon though. Just know what I’m in for now.

*What made you dislike it?

Grammar mainly. It confused me a lot. I slowly started getting used to it, but decided to stop. Maybe I just didn’t know how to read that day. Who knows?

*Do you wish to be a writer?

I do. Maybe I’ll actually start when my dreams give me some great ideas.

*Has any book every influenced you greatly?

There’s a post I wrote on the List of My Favorite Childhood Books that was basically the answer to this question.

*Do you read fan fiction?

Nah, last time I did was in 8th grade from Wattpad. As for manga goes, I’m about to start reading some in a bit.

*Do you write fan fiction?

Nope, don’t think I ever had the urge or spark to start writing anything.

*What’s your favorite book?

All time favorite would have to be either Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire or the Deathly Hallows.

*What’s your least favorite book?

I have no least favorite. I don’t know why, but I can’t not like a book. Not possible for me for some reason. At least not so far in my 19 years on Earth.

*Do you prefer physical books or ready on a device (like a kindle)?

Physical, but when I’m laying down in the dark, I need that kindle fam.

*When did you learn to read?

I think I was around 4 or 5, can’t exactly remember. For sure, I was 7 when I really started reading. 

*What is your favorite book you had to read in school?

I didn’t like any of them joints. You can tell cause I don’t even remember the names of the very few books we read from middle school to college. One in middle school, two in high school…..a lot in college.

*What is your favorite book series?

Harry Potter, cmon now.

*Who is your favorite author?

J.K. Rowling, Imani Josey, Trenton Lee Stewart. As I go along, I’m finding more authors that I enjoy on different levels.

Gon Rage
*The most epic anime/fantasy scene ever. Anything can happen in fantasy*

*What is your favorite genre?

Fantasy all day.

*Who is your favorite character in a book series?

Hmmmmmmmm, I’d say Portia from The Blazing Star or Hermonie from HP. That list will grow with time.

*Has a book ever transported you somewhere else?

All the time. I’m a thinker, so staying quiet and going to far places in my mind is what I do. That’s my ninja way lmao

*Which book do you wish had a sequel?

So far, I haven’t read a standalone that made me want more of it. Is that bad? They just wrap it up nicely and I move on with my life.

*Which book do you wish DIDN’T have a sequel?

I think every book has the chance to go far, so again, no book that shouldn’t have a sequel.

*How long does it take you to read a book?

If it’s over 250 pages, probably two days if it’s not that interesting. Less than 200 can get beasted in one sitting…..unless it’s not that good.

*Do you like when books become movies?

Yeah, but movies don’t typically stick too close to the books and I don’t like that. If it’s an adaptation, then adapt that shit by the book to the fullest. Don’t make stuff up cause it’ll be appealing. I can watch it as it’s own entity, but if I know it’s from a book, it’s hard not to critique harshly.

*Which book was ruined by its movie adaptation?

Honestly, I’m just now finding out a lot of movies are from books. Blogging gave me that insight. Til now, I was just watching them joints. Let me grow y’all. I’ll get better. No answer for now.

*Which movie has done a book justice?

Also no answer, cause I can’t answer *sadness*….wait, can I cheat and say Harry Potter? I’m going with all the HP movies lol. The last fight at Hogwarts could’ve been done way better though. Just saying.

*Do you read newspapers?

Not since I delivered them. That was 2012-2014, so 5-3 years ago. Everything is online now – Twitter is basically the news to me.

*Do you read magazines?

Hell naw to the naw naw naw, hell to the naw. I was never into magazines as you can tell, lol.

*Do you prefer newspapers or magazines?

Newspapers cause they have some of the most ridiculous things in there that don’t get covered online or on the news.

*Do you read while in bed?



I’m usually in bed reading. Favorite spot.

Read in bed


*Do you read while on the toilet?

Nah, I don’t know how people are able to do that. When I’m in the bathroom, I’m out in a matter of seconds or a minute. How can you be in there that long? I need answers sway!

*Do you read while in the car?

Nah, cause I just want to listen to music when on the road and sit in my thoughts.

*Do you read while in the bath?

Don’t take baths. I can’t deal with what may or may not be in that water. I’m good homie. Showers only.

*Are you a fast reader?

Yup, and getting faster.

*Are you a slow reader?

Nope….Wouldn’t answering the question above answer this one? I need another answer sway!

*Where is your favorite place to read?

My bed. Cam’t deny the comfort. Wait, I answered this already. I can tell the future now….*gazes into the sky*.

*Is it hard for you to concentrate while you read?

Boring me back to death.gif

Sometimes if I want to do something else. I always get bored quickly with anything I’m doing, so something really has to hold my attention if I’m gonna continue to do it.

*Do you need a room to be silent while you read?

Not necessarily, but I take quiet over anything. Quiet feels more me, ya know? Like we’re one with each other.

*Who gave you your love for reading?

J.K. Rowling with Harry Potter.

*What book is next on your list to read?

Hmmmmm, I want to read something that I think will be amazing plus fun to review, so it has to be a fantasy. Maybe *looks at books*….wait a god damn minute….I only have one fantasy book. That’s it; I’m reading 3 fantasy books in a row. Can’t believe myself. 

*When did you start to read chapter books?

I think 5. What grade is 5 years old?….Ok, that’s kindergarten, so not 5, lol. Has to be 6 years old.

*Who is your favorite children’s book author?

Barbara Parker who wrote all the Junie B. Jones books is the OG. In every room in the house back when I was younger, you would find a Junie B. book. Classic y’all, classic.

*Which author would you most want to interview?

None, I’d rather have a normal conversation and just chill out. I’d like to be the person that can chime in at any time to ask a random question though cause I’m random like that.

Did we just become best friends.gif

*Which author do you think you’d be friends with?

Any author can be my friend. I hold no expectations or ulterior motives for anyone, so any author that wants to befriend me can. I’ll just get the feel of them to see if we’ll actually stick together.

*What book have you reread the most?

All the HP books have been read 3 times. Don’t think I’ve ever read another book more than once. The Blazing Star is high on the list to reread though. I really enjoyed that book.

*Which books do you consider “classics”?

The famous and infamous ones are deemed classics to me. Especially if it had a lot of effect on the public or a mass of people, it has to be a classic.

*Which books do you think should be taught in every school?

So far, Yecheilyah Ysrayl’s Renaissance: The Nora White Story (review here) and The Lauras by Sara Taylor (review here)

*Which books should be banned from all schools?

None, every book should be available to the public. That’s the problem anyway –  too many damn secrets. Nothing should be kept hidden for the people. Gon make me get political up in here.

No more lock doors.gif
Exactly, no lock doors to the public

50 questions done. If it bored you, let me know. If you enjoyed it, let me know. Tryna figure out how these tags fare with the readers, so provide feedback for ya boy!


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