I have a blog schedule that I can rock with now. Thanks for coming here if you wanted to know what you’d be in for if you follow(ed) me! Here it is:

*Updated as of 1/25/17

  • Monday – Book Review (1 Post)
  • Tuesday – No Posts
  • Wednesday – Reblogs (3)
  • Thursday – No Posts
  • Friday – Discussions(1-2)
  • Saturday – Random (1-2)
  • Sunday – No Posts 

Monday is pretty explanatory, so let’s getting into Tuesday and Thursday for now. *Now that I’m back in college, those are my busy days, so no posts. Sunday is just rest day as usual.

Wednesday may have been the best choice I could have come up with in my schedule. Other bloggers need just as much help getting their content out there as I do. Naturally, I’d like to help by reblogging their work. No exceptions!

Friday will have discussions that I find to be interesting, or will grasp the attention of others into debating the matter

Saturday, by random, anything on my mind at the time counts, with few exceptions. This could be basketball, college, controversial subjects, hair, etc..

Week Struggle.gif

If you read all that….idk, you just read it, but thanks! You can definitely comment what you think about this schedule below.


P.S. Random gif as usual lmao

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