Weekly Reflections and Shoutouts #3

This was my recovery or, a week to reflect from my car accident.

I knew I was either going to fall off schedule or not blog, so I didn’t really push myself to choose either or – just let the week flow naturally.

The week gave me the chance to see that I need to be more disciplined. Life happens, I’m not the type to let it dictate me, I dictate life. Of course, life is uncontrollable in a lot of ways, but I believe we have control even with the uncontrollable.

Take me for example, I’ve grown up and lived in what you could call poverty, the ghetto, the hood,  or an “urban” city. A lot of people are stuck here. Which is uncontrollable in the sense that we were pretty much “put here”. You know, gentrification. However, we can get out, controllable. That’s life. 

Didn’t mean to mini rant; I just want to encourage others to take control of their life. There’s always ways around things and people who try to keep you down. They might not want you to succeed – you should want to regardless of what they think. That’s my take.

Week Reflection


I only reblogged Camillea’s  @camillereads Do Trigger Warnings Hurt Literature? and Jess’s (or Jess’??) @beaucoupbooks discussion on The Importance of Blogging Breaks.

I wasn’t feeling up to writing the Weekly Reflection that Sunday, so I decided to spread others.


I wanted to see how others effectively scheduled posts

Yesha @booksteacupnreviews, Darque Dreamer Reads, April @aprildreams, and Gretchen @chicnerdreads gave me some good advice that I’ve been progressing in using.


A book review (that was supposed to be on Monday) of Yecheilyah’s Renaissance: A Nora White Story (Book One). I think that is a definite buy, and you can read the review on why (linked to left). 

Didi Oviatt and Kim Knight came back with a fire short story “I’m Back Bitches, Now Panic!”. I had to reblog that. That’s when I thought, why not reblog a noteworthy post once a day? And now it’s added into my schedule (update on here very soon…like a few minutes soon).


I was nominated by Darque Dreamer for the Liebster Award. I was having fun making it until fatigue kicked in, but that time of happiness and fun is what I needed during that time

Over the course of, what, a week and a half, you (Darque) have been very interactive with me and I thank you for that. I have to assume you had a part in getting me back to my normal self, so once again, thank you.

Then it got deep…

Kim @By Hook Or By Book posted a well said rant on the situation at Charlottesville during the time titled “If You’re Not Outraged, You’re Not Paying Attention”. You already know, reblog.


Thursday is my reblog day. Meaning, I find three posts that I was interested in, and share them among who follow my blog. Those 3 posts were: 

  1. Anatomy of a Bad Review by Don Massenzio 
  2. INDI-AUTHORS UNITE. Leave a link and find a read! Open book swap! by Didi Oviatt (has a lot of posts I would reblog, but I narrow it down to one somehow)
  3. 365 Challenge: Day 157 – Busy by James @thisismytruthnow (helped me realize I need to do more in my days)


I hit a rut. Wasn’t feeling absolutely anything on Friday. I don’t remember how or why I was I started feeling like I didn’t want to write anything, so I can’t even explain to y’all what I was going through.

By the end of the day, something picked me up (once again) and that’s when everything I thought about in life (almost everything) were subject for change. Maybe I’ll dig into this on a later post. Maybe that post will be a my goals post. Never know.


I said fluff the rant that I was gonna go on on Saturday. Nah, I’m gonna change it up for something that’ll suit me better. Rants will be random from now on. Instead, every Saturday will be an update on my 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge

Why Saturday, who the fluff knows?!?! Who really cares what day it is; let’s just go for being consistent on that given day (every other day too, but you know what I mean).

Now we’re back full circle. 

The shoutouts won’t be how they were before. As you can see, I linked everyone within the days I had some interaction with them. Those are the shoutouts now. Maybe one or two people will be standalone shoutouts if I think they’re above everyone else deserving of it.

Also, no gifs or pictures *extreme sadness*. Just not in the mood for them. Maybe I’ll come back and add them in. Until then, see ya.


WAIT!!! Can anyone tell me how to create my own logos and picture themes? You know, the pictures that you can use every post that lets people know that’s you and your style? – Assuming everyone reads to the very end 😉

Weekly Reflections and Shoutouts #2

Just skip below to the reflection if you don’t want to cringe at this nonsense I created.

Hey! You! Come here! Listen…..I need some help……you got any cinnamon rolls on you? Ritz? Please, I haven’t had them in a while! Buy them? With what money, hmmm? That’s why I’m asking you.

You can ship them to me. I live in New Jersey, US. That’s all you need to know. It doesn’t matter what city you ship them to, I’ll find them. Trust me. Thanks for the cinammon rolls and ritz in advance! 

That’s my synopsis for my book that’s coming out whenever J.K. Rowling continues the Harry Potter series with clones of the exact same characters. So basically never..ummm I’m being extremely random right now.

Never mind.gif

Moving along into what I’m supposed to be doing; this week was full of lessons. Let’s see if I can remember them.

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Weekly Reflections and Shoutouts

I figured it would be neat to look back on what and how I did during the week as well as give some shine to other bloggers/authors. 

Why weekly and not monthly? Memory is a fickle thing with me. Some say you choose what you want to remember, but who makes those decisions? Your brain. Can’t control it sometimes, and memory is something out of my league.

I want to do this on a more personal level. I assume it would help to get to know me. Let’s get into it.

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