Book Review: Little Heaven by Nick Cutter

Horror and I don’t have too good of a relationship. It’s not that I get scared easily, horror makes it seem like I do. Naturally, I always steered away from all things scare related, but this time was different.

I accidentally started reading a horror novel….. I like to read without checking the synopsis or genre sometimes just to get straight into it unbiased, and this time it bit me in the butt. 

My first time reading a horror novel went way better than I expected it to……even though I still got scared numerous times….

Clown on the side of road.gif

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Discussion: Long, Descriptive Books vs Short, Simple Books

I just finished Nick Cutter’s horror novel, Little Heaven. It was amazing. Expected this to be dropped fairly early into reading, but it slapped me and caught my utmost attention instead.

Slap to get attention.gif

Safe to say this is a book I’ll always remember, but this isn’t a book review. One thing made me rate this lower than what I wanted to rate it from beginning to end, the long explanations.

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Well I’m back

It’s been a minute…..

maybe two minutes

…’s been 7 months.

I have an excuse prepared and ready. Matter of fact, I had it prepared and ready for months; I’m that prepared when it comes to excuses lol.

To be short, life hit. Didn’t necessarily hit hard, I just grew up. It happens. Mindset changed for the better and it was much needed tbh. I’m talking like I left with an audience of thousands – like people were anxious for me to come back (laughing on the outside, hurts on the inside :D)

If anyone is here….hi. I’ll be getting right back to book blogging very soon; as soon as I finish Nick Cutter‘s novel Little Heaven.

Till then, if you have any tips on what I could change on my site or any tips in general on book blogging, let me know.