52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge – Week 2

This week’s prompt is on my significant other. I decided to write a love letter.

A look into our love life, I’m naturally all in my feelings right now. Read if you want to, your decision.

Time to get emotional.


Week 2 – Significant Other

Time to get emotional. 

I do a lot of things specifically to create memories to look back on when I’m older; this is one of those times. Does a love letter sound nice to y’all? 

Prepare to see me in my feelings. Warning, might be a very long post.

Dear CiCi,

Or Cnati Green or Lil Holly or C or CGreen or Babe or Baby Girl

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For anyone out there thinking of that one who’ll come to sweep you off your feet, Katd28’s thoughts may just help you. New to the WordPress community, take a look at her post about love and give her some advice about her blog site. Show love!

I’m sorry if you can’t see the words due to my background color being black.


Have you ever thought of being with your forever? The one who will take care of you, will treat you like a god damn queen, make you felt that you are the most beautiful creature in the whole wide world? He’ll come. Sooner or later . Just don’t hurry love. It takes time to ride a white horse with a king. Just wait. Maybe he is jammed in the traffic, or busy making his/your future better or not yet born 😂 (lol)

Everything happens for a reason. Right time. Right place. God knows what’s better for you. Just wait. Your King is on its way. Chiao!! 👸

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