The Burning Bush by TheRavenBlog

Do you read poems? Check out Tiana’s, or TheBookRavenBlog’s romantic poem!

Inspired by things that make no sense (her words, not mine, lol), her poem is true love in whatever sense you may think of it to be.

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The Book Raven

There were two lovers I did see

They were opposites yet the same in the places where they wished to be

She was in a world filled in smoke

Twirling her cigarette beckoning to the boy whose heart she owned

She pulled him close kissed him and laughed

She never smiled unless he was in her path

He was never much for the burning paper

But he loved her loved her wholly

He wasn’t bothered by her pervasive vapor

But he never expected that it would burn them

Physically burn them

Until that fire engulfed the bush in the background next to them

The flame from a match she had used to light her poison

Dropped with enough ignition to start burning slowly, faintly, quiet motion

It was not enough to be noticed by two lovers sweet embrace

Yet as they loved she stepped slowly back

The flames then kissed…

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