Rant: So I Got In A Car Accident

This is just something to look back on for memory purposes.

Always trust your intuition when it tells you not to do something. I told y’all how I always have lucid dreams and the majority of them usually happen. I had a dream about getting in a car accident then had multiple feelings that told me not to leave. I left anyway.

It was pretty unavoidable. Felt like I couldn’t gather any power to move my body to stop the car. You may not believe in stuff like that, but when I tell you it happened because of my glasses (which I rarely wear), it was that simple. Glasses fell off, they were literally stuck in my line of sight -couldn’t move my hands to put them on for the life of me.

Like I said, it was meant to happen. And I’m not even into religion, so that should tell you something.

Always, always listen to yourself when it tells you something bad might happen.

I’m just really upset this happened so close to school. I have to pay everyone back plus fix the car plus get my stuff for school. My sisters might get their school stuff really late, too. That’s all money I have no way of getting. Sucks but life goes on.

I just needed to vent real quick.

Rant/Discussion – Does Book Blogging Have Restrictions?

I’ve come to notice that book blogging can put and keep you in a box. Tell me what you think about that.

Look around, there’s a bunch of book bloggers on WordPress alone. There’s clearly a standard most of us think when we come into the blogging community whether it be doing book hauls or book reviews or needing to get ARCs – it’s all a standard misconception. 

How many of the book bloggers are entirely unique. Very, very few. Some stick to book reviews, some don’t do book reviews, some only do giveaways – it doesn’t really matter what certain bloggers do, most are traditional in every sense.

What do I mean by that?

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Rant: Never Go On Hiatus!

This will be quick. 

I want my future self to come back to this post and rethink whatever decision I have made that causes me to stop blogging for a long period of time (months). I left in January 2017; came back and everyone I knew blew up. 

I need answers! What happened during this time?!?!

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