My Tips for Defeating a Reading Slump

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Reading slumps suck. If you’re anything like me, they start to bring you down after a while, and it all becomes a bit of a vicious cycle. I have a lot of experience with reading slumps. Sometimes they last a few weeks, other times months or years. I’ve recently escaped a reading slump, so while it’s fresh in my mind, I thought I’d share with you my tips for getting over reading slumps/avoiding them. This post was partially inspired by my recent Top Ten Tuesday post Top Ten Tuesday – Recommendations to Defeat a Reading Slump, which I wrote along side this one.

Reread a favourite book

That old favourite that’s been in the back of your mind for ages, pushed back by new releases. There’s no pressure here, just comforting familiarity and nostalgia, and you already know you’ll love it!

Switch Genres

If you’ve been reading a lot…

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WordPress and Site Tips?

No, I’m not asking for donations………not yet at least….

For real though, I haven’t been on WordPress in legit 7 months and I see that some people have grown, some aren’t here anymore, some are in the same position as me, and some completely blew up. As well as WordPress looks to have updated a bit. 

Before I start posting, I wanted to ask if anyone could take a look at my site, untouched from how I left it, and provide me with some advice, tips, ideas, anything. I’m iffy on the layout and the overall design, but I don’t want to change anything until I had a good grasp on WP again.

If you have anything to help me, I would appreciate it. 

Blogging Tips: Writing and Blogging Are Very Different Things

If you struggle with blogging even though you’re a great writer, check this video out. I’ve been receiving praise for years for my writing, but I learned early that what was said by Danny from Jason, is crucial to learning the difference between just writing and writing to blog. Please take a listen.

Dream Big, Dream Often

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Check out Jason’s post What is “Viral” on Harsh Reality

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WordPress Blog Advice?

I don’t have much to talk about today, so I thought it would be great to hear from the WordPress Community of any advice or tips you may have.

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