Who am I?


You can call me Tae, Tizzy, Matic, or my full nickname, TizzyMatic. 

What You Can Expect

I’ll be reviewing books with no specific genre as my niche. Whether it be manga, romance, classics, or BDSM (yes, I have read a bdsm novel…….safe to say I learned some things 😉), it may be featured on my site. 

Of course there won’t only be reviews. If I have anything in mind to talk about, reblogs, weekly reflections, shouting out other bloggers, it’ll be included – I like to stay diverse.

Who Am I?

Simply put, I’m a junior in college trying to get that B.S. degree in Chemistry and minoring in Women’s Gender Studies *hold your applause*. Born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey, USA, my passion for reading spawned from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series when I was 8 years old. It’s been 11 years since then and I’m still going strong! If you’re around the Trenton (Mercer County) area, hit me up if anything cool is happening.

Hit me up on myspace.jpg

My favorite genre is fantasy. I can finish a good fantasy novel in a few hours! As for the other genres, as long as it captures my attention, I’m completely fine reading it. If you have some recommendations, let me know. 

Read in a flash.gif

I do have other hobbies, too: fitness/health (think I’ll make a blog on that), gaming, watching anime, reading manga, and hopefully soon a YouTube channel, learning the guitar (been sitting in my room since Christmas 2011), and learning to swim. Basketball is a career for me currently, so I can’t place that in the same realm as my hobbies.

I would post a picture, but what had happened was, the camera and me have been beefing for almost all of my 19 years alive. The relationship is steadily improving. Matter of fact, it’s in the awkward phase right now, so we’re really close to being on good terms lol. 

Camera out of my face.gif

I look forward to helping authors and the blogging community mold into something the world appreciates as well as improve/grow myself. 

Any questions, tips, wanna just talk, comment below. I welcome all. 

P.S. – I tried to keep it brief; it didn’t work 😀


4 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I do like your site….I love that you have some Good Reads in your About Me section. The About Me is hidden when you first get to your site because the Love and Basketball scene is black and white and your words are grey…I would change the color of your words. I love that movie so I was immediately drawn into your page.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! The word colors did trip me up a bit, so I’ll go back to figuring out a more suitable color. My girlfriend and I both play basketball, so it was only right to have Love and Basketball as the header. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I hope you’ll find my posts appealing in the future too.


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