Dear Me: Never Quit Your Dreams |Diary – Day 3

To quit or not to quit?

What’s the answer?

Today, I quit my dream.

Not exactly, but I did something that could make or break achieving my dream.

I quit.

If you don’t know, my dream is to make it to the NBA. You would think that’s far-fetched; I’m a short guard who has no competitive experience since 8th grade AAU, but listen – I can care less.

My ideals are considered reality to me. Whatever I want to do, I go high for it. No one can stop me. No one can tell me otherwise. Naturally there’s a roadblock. Myself. 

Winning against yourself is a daily struggle. 

Only I can get in my way. Today was a case of myself being an obstacle, but the obstacle is more like a chronic ache. You know when you’re fighting yourself to do something and end up not doing it? It’s like that, but my constant fight (war really), is quitting then coming back. 

We all have that “fight” that always frustrates us. I’ve battled over and over – it’s tiring and it’s at the time of make or break. I can’t do it anymore. Something has to give.

Quit, or shove myself out the picture? Be something a lot of people want me or think I should be, or be what I want to be? Live life knowing that I could have accomplished my dream and more, or get to the end goal and more? 

What’s the answer?

Today, I quit my dream. Today, won’t happen again. Today, I decided to never let myself quit in any form when it comes to progressing towards my dream. 

That’s my answer? What’s yours?

Chase your dreams 2.png

Rant: Why Are College Textbooks So Expensive?!?!

I know I’ve been gone a  while, but hey, I have an excuse *I think it’s an excuse*

I’m back at school, dorming as usual, living this college life *not really* – I was god damn busy, alright. I’m taking a total of 17 credits this semester, 5 classes, 3 are online *cause I very much don’t like being in actual class*.

When I tell you my books are expensive, I am not exaggerating at all. I’m taking:

  1. General Chemistry 1 (Major)
  2. Calculus 1 (Major)
  3. General Psychology 1 (UCC)
  4. Basic Spanish 2 (UCC)
  5. Women and Political Leadership (UCC)

The total cost of all 7 books came up to $1368. 

Wtf is going on. Is this what we’re doing now college? Y’all just gonna take my money like I have tissue as $100 bills? Seriously, how can this even happen?

That cost is when they’re new though. If you buy new textbooks, there must not be any other options or you’re ballin. So ashamed at the price of these textbooks. I can’t even.

And with this post, I’m back on WP. I’ve been training for basketball and doing schoolwork on the side *yes, the side cause priorities*, but I’m back…………for now 😉 

I know some of y’all know the college struggle!

Boy laugh then cry