About Me

Thanks for checking my blog. If nothing below makes sense….I’m sorry.


My posts on this site will guarantee you honesty and most of the time, humor. I write book reviews, random things on my mind (can get heated), discussion topics (can get heated), tags, and TBR’s. Now here’s a bit about me and my personality.

Well, what can I say about myself? I love to read, but I think that’s a given. Oh, I’m very, very honest as a person. This has gotten me in trouble and saved many people throughout my 18 year life, nonetheless, I would never change that quality. Basketball is my preferred sport – Lakers – *drops mic*. Really though, I’m heavily involved with basketball as I have been for years. Wait a minute…..I didn’t tell that I’m in college. I’m in college. A sophomore, class of 2019, all that good stuff. Now you know.

I’m random.

All the time.

It’s great though. I only need to entertain myself, so it’s needed when I get bored.


Join me in the journey of freedom, honesty, randomness, and gutsy posts!